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"Stateside-based label Betamorph Recordings is the bass-heavy fruit of veteran DJs and producers Dylan James (aka Deej) and Chris McCahill (aka Megatron). Taking the visceral edge of Deej’s roots in the early nineties Los Angeles rave scene, and combining it with Megatron’s seminal graphic imagery of a galactic future, Betamorph offers a palette of kinetic, funky, yet twisted Dubstep releases that shred any remaining borders around contemporary electronic music.

The science fiction imagery synonymous with Betamorph is the product of a true coalition between art and music. It’s symbolic of the ethos inherent in every release: that Dubstep’s lack of boundaries epitomise the innovation capable in a digital age and that a metamorphosis from the archaic system is now possible. The Betamorph symbol not only represents a futuristically styled catalogue of groundbreaking music, but a fair deal for the artist, a perspective that many currently see as alien. This extraterrestrial unity brings strength and conviction in the future. As well as some pretty sick tunes.

Founded in 2009, Betamorph are continually releasing a series of epic soundscapes and dirty symphonies to cement their position at the forefront of Dubstep evolution. The artist roster currently boasts names such as 12th Planet, Tim Ismag, Mark Instinct, Bong, Bratkilla, D-Jahsta, Filth Collins, Liquid Stranger…. This ensures that Betamorph will never follow a specific sound, so output can stay spontaneous and the catalogue never predictable. The passion is as deep as the bass, but the ambition reaches to another galaxy. Don’t worry, this isn’t some lame Princess Leia shit. This is true subterranean sci-fi: hard tunes and the future of Dubstep. A genre undergoing Betamorphosis."

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