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Winner Annoucement: NMVA Flavor Survey Results

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We're finally ready to announce the results from the NMVA Flavor Survey 

and we wonder if the results will surprise you!

First of all we want to thank all of our customers and the New Mexico Vapers Alliance members and admins who helped make this fun little project possible. We had over 50 people respond to the survey! Thank you to everyone who visited Betamorph E-Cigs to sample the recipes, help us make adjustments, and thanks for your patience as we collected the votes and got ready to post our announcement. ... However, the time has finally come ...

... and the winner is ...

NMVA Flavor #2 (Strawberry)

We really had no idea what to expect as we found it so hard to pick a favorite ourselves in the first place. In the end it definitely wasn't a blowout as NMVA Flavor #1 (Coconut) and #3 (Raspberry) had a good showing of fans as well.

Here's the hard facts:

#1 Coconut -- 19 Votes -- 35.85%

#2 Strawberry -- 25 Votes -- 41.17%

#3 Raspberry -- 9 votes -- 16.98%

For the coconut and raspberry fans out there I do have some suggestions of other popular #Betavapes with your favorite ingredients that can only be found at Betamorph E-Cigs! First of all if you love Moon Sugar you should definitely try Raspberry Moon (Nicologist in training, Lakota's, favorite version of Moon Sugar). For coconut lovers, your version of Moon Sugar would be Playa Moon (our beach-inspired Moon Sugar that will remind you of a coconut macaroon). 

Other great #Betavapes that highlight raspberry include Berry Manilow (Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, and Cherries), Raspy Blues (a simple blend of raspberries and blueberries), Raspy Temple (a raspberry twist on the classic Shirley Temple), and Crystal Blue Persuasion (a careful mix of vanilla, raspberry, blueberry, and spearmint).

Coconut lovers should also try Passion Fruit Coconut Cream (available in a standard or PG Free blend), Coco Nutz (creamy coconut candy, toasted almond, and hazelnut),and Elegance (a mildly sweet blend of toasted graham cracker marshmallows topped with shaved coconut and hazelnut). 

Picking up your FREE bottle of NMVA #2: (for survey participants only)

Beginning Tuesday, April 14th, you'll be able to visit Betamorph E-Cigs, located at 2000 Carlisle Blvd SE Suite B in Albuquerque to pick up your free bottle of the winning NMVA flavor. We'll use the names your provided when filling out the survey to create a will call list and track who has received their free bottle.

In case you missed out on the survey, the good news is NMVA #2 will also be available for regular purchase in the store for $19.99. NMVA members will receive a bonus perk: they'll save $5 each time they purchase NMVA #2 at our store. If you have any questions just ask a Betamorph team member for details in the store or contact us through Facebook!

Before you rush over to Betamorph E-Cigs, check out some of these awesome comments below from the survey participants (posted anonymously):

- "The third one honestly tastes like a creamy margarita to me."

- "Betamorph is the tits!"

- "This NMVA #3 could be one of the best juices I tried. I went through the sample in a few days."

- "Both the coconut and raspberry were really good flavors! I had a hard time deciding between the coconut and the
  raspberry but I went with the coconut because the creaminess of the coconut went a little better with the custard flavor.
  The raspberry was also really good, the brightness of the raspberry also went really good with the custard."

- "Betamorph has the best juice but it sucks that it's so far away lol"

- "Pear, I like pear flavors."

- "I believe the Juice is top shelf and delicious I would like to just thank not criticize"

- "You guys are amazing at getting flavor out of max VG juices."

- "... Id definetly like to see more raspberry flavors out there but strawberry takes the cake for me!!!!!! Thank you for your   time..."

- "Thanks for coming up with mind blowing flavors!"

- "When I went down to Betamorph it was my first time in there, and everyone was super nice! I was able to talk to a
   couple of the workers and of course Vape with them."

- "Keep up the good work! Your juices are the best in the city!"

- "Mix all three for MAXIMUM EFFECT! J/K, #2 blew the other two outta the water, yo."

- "Betamorph is THE shit, best juice in town hands down. Keep it up, man!"

- "Deej.... u soooooo fuckin rock!!! <3 <3"

- "Love to be part of this group!"

- "All three are great! But #1 def edges it out. Great stuff guys!"


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