9th Feb 2019

We've got some stellar news Betamorph Family,

The Betamorph Team has brought in flavors that are new to some, old to others and satisfying to all! The following flavors have been added to our menu and are now available in-store and online:

  1. Blue Betty - A sweet and creamy Blueberry Crumb Cake dessert.
  2. Dunkin' On 'Em - A Glazed Doughnut with a creamy Strawberry filling.
  3. Blue Menth - Blueberry and Menthol, like A fruity blend of blueberry preserves with a hint of mint.
  4. Breakfast Brew - An Irish Coffee with a hint of buttery Butterscotch.
  5. Claw of Bear - A Bear Claw with toasted Almonds and a bit of Cinnamon.
  6. Fred Toast - An apple cinnamon french toast flavor that you can only find on this side of the Betaverse.
  7. Keylime Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce - A creamy Key Lime Cheesecake with a Graham Cracker crust topped with a drizzle of Strawberry Sauce.
  8. Lazer Melons - A fresh and fruity mix of Watermelon, Honeydew, Honey Suckle and Cucumber.
  9. Purple Foggy Monster - A Purple flavored Monster™ drink.
  10. Strawpical Bliss - A Fruity blend of Strawberries, Peach and Mango (Strawpical Storm) with just enough of our Bliss Betavape to give it that chill feel.
  11. Parallax - A cream filled Cinnamon Danish with a drizzle of of Salted Caramel created with love in a parallel dimension.
  12. USA Blend - A rich and aromatic blend of tobacco that brings forth satisfaction for the tobacco enthusiast.

We hope you enjoy these awesome new/classic Betavape flavors!

Team Betamorph -

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