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Thanksgiving & Black Wednesday at Betamorph E-Cigs


A Message From The Owner


Noon to 9PM - Monday, Nov 23rd.

Noon to 9PM - Tuesday, Nov 24th.

Noon to 9PM - Wednesday, Nov 25th.

Closed - Thursday, Nov 26th.

Closed - Friday, Nov 27th.

Closed - Saturday, Nov 28th.

Closed - Sunday, Nov 29th.

Hello and Happy Holidaze from all of us here at Betamorph E-Cigs!!  I wanted to create a quick blog post about the upcoming holiday weekend.

As some of you might know, my birthday is going to be this Wednesday, November 25th.  I'm going to be 42 years of age and as you can imagine, I've learned quite a bit in my young life.  As I approach my fifties (wait, WHAT?!?!?!) I'm beginning to mature and grow into new ways of being and thinking which I would like to discuss with you today.

It seems to me (especially after being open for over 2 years) that our country has fallen into some sort of spell regarding our holiday season.  Do you know people who have to work on Thanksgiving?  Or, perhaps they have to go to work early on Black Friday?  Is that person you?!?!?  If it is, or you do, then you'll quickly be able to jump on my wavelength about how LAME that can be for someone who is FORCED to work on a holiday when they SHOULD and could be spending it with their family.

As the owner of this company, I'm putting my foot down against the never ending grind of making money.  Money is NOT the most important thing in life (unless you have a few pennies that is).  And, if it was, someone like me would realize that a bit of a break for my employees would be good for business.  Here's my point:  When I was growing up the world was a bit different.  Sure, sometimes people would have to work on the holidays but that was because in some instances, business must go on during the holidays....... not because of "Corporate Greed" or whatever.  It was a time when families would get together and spend time with each other...... this doesn't really seem to be possible in the same way as it was back then based on the way our world and society has changed since then.  I'd like to do my small part in trying to change that mindset.

Now then,  Here are the specifics! 

We will be having our Black Friday sale, this Wednesday, November 25th from Noon until 9PM.  Our Black Wednesday sale will consist of the following:  

a) 50% off all handcrafted gourmet #betavape in our store (Minus the Aliens Blood) 

b) 50% off all handcrafted gourmet #betavape on our website (Minus Aliens Blood) 

c) Aliens Blood will be 22% OFF in store and online

d)  Our "Buy Two For 25/35" will not be available in store or on our website again until after Cyber Monday

e)  We will be selling our "clearance items" in store but in a "Flea Market" type way.  See something you like, let's make a deal!!

f)  I've got a few Origen V2's left and I'll be selling them for ONLY 100$!

I would like to encourage each and everyone of you to focus on something besides money/shopping during this holiday season.  I'm going to do my best to do the same.  

God Bless, 


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